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  1. Berlin-based platform Othergrounds in cooperation with Artponds is proud to present their second curatorial project named 'Due North'.
    Opening: 02.08 - 18h
    Duration: 03.08 - 08.08

    Kristian Askelund
    Rieko Hotta
    Xue Mu
    Pako Quijada
    Clémentine Rettig

  2. work has been created with the support of dieesifabrik.de

  3. 31st Festival Les Instants Vidéo
    November 2018 – Marseilles


    Screening at [.BOX] Videoart project space in Milan:


  4. Saturday, Fev. 18 , 2017; 3pm
    Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD) - Genthiner Straße 20, Berlin

    On the last day of #Berlinale young filmmakers will discuss the power of film and display their work at The Artistic Cultural Diplomacy Forum 2017.

    Speakers are:
    Sophia Bösch, a Swiss-Swedish film director, screenwriter and producer;
    Clémentine Rettig, filmmaker specializing in sound and video (France)
    Elissa de Brito, a Brazilian filmmaker and producer (Brazil);
    Arto Ushan, an amateur film festival organizer (Russia)

    Special Guest:
    Katharina Spiering, a German actress

    Free entrance. Prior reservations are required at info@artistangelpr.com (Topic: ArtTalks Filmmakers) since seats are limited.