Développé avec Berta.me

  1. "I immerse myself in new places and I pay a particular attention to the highlights of my wanderings and of my downtimes.
    I frame new environments under the influence of these drifting places. I question the surrounding sounds and their underlying musical dynamic, which is composed by accentuations, repetitions, falls and pauses. I approach this environment as a choreographic space where the sounds provide a dramatic frame and are translated into images and displays. 
    Encounters are also bringing my recordings beyond the simple portraits. I meticulously select the voices since they demonstrate hidden qualities. The intimate relationships that I built with my characters are translated via immediate reverse shots frames. I heighten the words as well as the bodies of my characters so that they fall within a complex geography with its hollows, its resonance and its history.
    In my films the words of the characters resonate with the most diverse realities into multiples spaces. The temples of Angkor Wat filmed by phone, verbal jousting in Burkina Faso among teenagers, a symphony of horns in the Mekong Delta, are all realities that I use as soundboard."

    • Has been worked in collaboration with:
    Carsten Heisterkamp (DE), Pierre-Hugues Hadacek (FR), Han Sukjoo (SK), Sabrina Geckeis (DE), Annick Tal (FR), Sylvio Marchand (FR), Julie Foisil (FR), Marin Montagut (FR)
  2. Exhibition
    Due North, curated by Othergrounds, Kunsthalle HB55, Berlin, Germany

    Festival Les Instants Video numériques et poétiques, Marseille, France
    Projection at [.BOX] Videoart project Space, Milan, Italy

    Young Filmmakers Bridging the Worlds,
    Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD), Berlin, Germany
    GlueHeads#5, Tête gallery, Berlin, Germany

    Volume, Onomato gallery, Düsseldorf, Germany
    Jeune Création 66 edition, Thaddaeus Ropac gallery, Paris-Pantin, France

    Wirkungsfeld, Kunsthalle HB55, Berlin, Germany

    Play_It, Margarine, Berlin, Germany
    Beyond the Abstract and the Concrete, Kunsthalle HB55, Berlin, Germany
    LautKlang Kunst Festival, Mainz, Germany
    Quiet Violence Festival, Berlin, Germany

    Pathfinder, kunsthalle HB55, Berlin, Germany
    Les Ecorces, Onomato gallery, Düsseldorf, Germany
    No Milk Today, kunsthalle HB55, Berlin, Germany

    Vitrine Episode II, temporary gallery, Toulouse, France
    Vitrine Episode I, Media library of Museum Les Abattoirs, Toulouse, France

    5X5, Castle, Oizon, France
    Soundchap, Chapel of Carmelites, Toulouse, France
    Festival Courtoisie, Toulouse, France

    Paradeiso, Cathedral St Etienne of Toulouse, France
    Les Interlocuteurs Episode II, Le printemps de septembre Festival, ESBAT,  France
    Les Interlocuteurs, Episode I, ESBAT, France
    Corpus Media Festival, Mix'Art Myris, Toulouse, France


    Jeune Création
    , catalogue 66° edition, text by Emilie D'ornano
    Courtoisie, catalogue Point-de-Fuite, text by Valentine Boé
    Kontext , publication on web, collaboration with Sabrina Geckeis

    2013 Kulturamt, Düsseldorf, Germany

    2013  Le souffle du Khloy, film 34 min, Cambodia
    2011  Paroles d’hommes, documentary 52 min, Burkina Faso, Production Per Diem Film Paris, Planète+ TV

    2011   DNSEP, with merit, Superior Institution of Fine Art of Toulouse, France
    2009   DNAP, Superior Institution of Fine Art of Toulouse, France


    Polyphony music, directed by Jean-Etienne Langianni, musicologist, Corsica, France
    Sound, directed by Thierry Besche, director of GMEA, National Center of New Music Creation, Albi, France
    Score and Performance, directed by Alain Buffard, France
    Performance, directed by Esther Ferrer, France